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Jimmy Garza Lead Removal in El Paso, Texas

Jimmy Garza is a professional lead removal company in the El Paso area. All of our employees are trained and certified to ensure the safety and efficiency of every project. Jimmy Garza will complete the project from start to finish, including all preparation, disposal and cleanup of the project area. This includes an on-site investigation to uncover the nature, toxicity and severity of the lead exposure.

Did You Know many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint?

Lead is a toxic metal that was widely used in the manufacturing of paint prior to 1978. As a result, any building constructed before this time has the potential to contain lead-based paint. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 64 million buildings in the United States still contain lead-based paint. 

Exposure to lead may come from contaminated dust, water, soil or paint chips. Serious health risks include behavioral and learning disabilities, high blood pressure, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain and even death, with young children being the most at-risk segment of the population. The improper removal of lead can increase these health risks, and therefore, for such projects, a certified lead abatement contractor is essential.

We are familiar with and skilled in all types of lead removal methods, and our industry knowledge ensures that the best technique will be implemented for each specific project. Our success in dealing with this environmental hazard and our many skilled employees ensure that we provide our clients with only the best planning and remediation management for any project.

Contact us today for more information on lead removal in El Paso, Texas.